einstein (São Paulo). 01/Jun/2010;8(2):221-7.

Humanization according to cancer patients with extended hospitalization periods

Natália Tatiani Gonçalves Brito, Rachel de Carvalho

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082010ao1369

To identify the concept of humanization and raise aspects that contribute towards and that hinder humanization of hospital care, according to the opinion of oncology patients.
This is a descriptive-exploratory survey, with a qualitative-quantitative approach. The sample was made up of 10 patients hospitalized for more than 30 days at the Oncology Unit of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, who, after satisfying ethical and legal procedures, were interviewed and answered three questions in reference to humanization in oncology.
The factors that contributed more towards humanization were warmth in giving care, friendliness, and smiles, and the factors that hindered it were bad moods, noise, and not being promptly attended.
Hospital humanization should be experienced and felt by all those who work at hospital and needs to be reflected in the care offered to the client and his/her family members. These aspects become vital in oncology in order to understand the difficult period the patient is going through during the hospital stay, showing an interest in his/her problems and struggles with an attitude of empathy and cordiality, always acting ethically and with professional responsibility.

Humanization according to cancer patients with extended hospitalization periods