einstein (São Paulo) is an open-access journal and does not charge authors any fee for submission, revision, translation and/or publication.

Yes. einstein (São Paulo) goal is to register and diffuse national and international scientific output in general health care area.

Papers can be submitted in both Portuguese and English. Approved articles are edited for proper grammar and overall style, and translation (both into English or Portuguese) is provided free of charge for authors.

There are no author limits because some studies are conducted in collaboration with more than one institution (a multicenter study) or group study.  However, we suggest no more than 8 authors in, for example, original articles.

Yes. To inform your ORCID number is mandatory. This is an extremely relevant tool for researchers because it avoids homonyms or citation errors. In addition, the tool gathers author data and its scientific publication. We recommend to update all publications in the platform. The registration can be done via the link https://orcid.org/signin.

Important: the format of your name as registered in ORCID ID will be displayed in all publications and citations.

All authors must inform their ORCID number to article submission. The registration can be done via the link https://orcid.org/signin. The format of your name as registered in ORCID ID will be displayed in all publications and citations.



More than one copy can be submitted as a single file. The letter text can be also copy to Microsoft word file and more signature spaces can be added.

Conflicts of interest letter is available in author’s profile in the Submission Management System. Access using the user and password in author’s menu, click on “instruction for electronic submission” – item 3.

We did not provide a model for submission letter (cover letter). However, authors should include the following topics in the letter, full title of the paper in both English and Portuguese, authors’ full name and affiliations, department, institution of the study, corresponding authors’ (name, address, and e-mail), funding agencies (if any), and justification of importance of the study.

The CAAE number is only required for national studies and studies receiving the number are those registered and available at Plataforma Brasil – a Brazilian database to register research involving human subjects.

The National Ethics Committee (CONEP) in Brazil announced in a circulating letter dated June 12, 2018 that all case report studies must be previously registered in Plataforma Brasil (a Brazilian database to register research involving human subjects) prior to their publication in scientific journals.

Word-limits are counted based on paper text – introduction to conclusion – excluding title, abstract, references, figures, and tables.

Titles and legends of figures should be informed in the space provided in the submission system form. Text of the figures should be mentioned where they should be placed.

Use Arial with font size 12, and double-space all lines, including tables, legends, and titles of figures and tables.

Review articles are accepted only by editors’ invitation. einstein (São Paulo) strongly prefers systematic reviews. If it is narrative review, sometimes it can be replaced by a thematic editorial, which is also welcome. In such case, forward the abstract at revista@einstein.br for initial assessment by editors.

The mean time for response after submission, editors’ assessment, peer-review and final approval is ~130 days.

The principal author or responsible author by submission must access the Submission Management System of einstein (São Paulo) and follow guidelines outlined below:

Step 1: in the link “last version”, click on the name of the article and download “proposed changes”. Corrections to be done are available in commentaries (revisions with tracked changes). If commentaries do not appear, go to “review” Microsoft Word and “Show markers”, and active commentary will appear.

Step 2: correction must be done in the file obtained in the step 1 in a different color of the original text, after save the last version in your computer.

Step 3: upload edited version in the link “upload corrected version”.

Step 4: after the three steps above, click on the link “Send correction”.

We do not accept edited articles via e-mail because all publication process of einstein (São Paulo) occur via electronic system.

Status “waiting for the analysis of manuscript editor” means that article is under revision for technical issues, i.e., the article is under the last revision before  final approval. The method used in the study and form issues are the focus of this phase and, often, changes are requested in the phase. When revision is finished, a new message is forwarded, requesting revision or approval of article to be published.

einstein (São Paulo) has moved to new publication model, the continuous publication.  Approved and formatted articles are automatically published, no longer needing to wait for the printed issue.

To be eligible to Eric Roger Wroclawski award, no application is required. All accepted and approved original articles in our journal, within the date stated in the award’s criteria, are included. Original articles approved after the award deadline will be automatically eligible to the award of the subsequent year. A call for applications occurs annually.

No. Eligible contributions to Eric Roger Wroclawski award are only original articles approved in our peer-review process and published in our journal. See further information at http://journal.einstein.br/eric-roger-wroclawski-award/.

einstein (São Paulo) is an open access journal and does not need subscription. Online access is free for both English and Portuguese version. However, no printed issues are send to authors (exception is made for corresponding authors who published in the issue).  Print issues are available in the library of the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, building A, 2nd under basement floor, or in libraries of different units.

einstein (São Paulo) is part of SciELO collection. Our journal is indexed in LILACS, Scopus, PubMed/MEDLINE, PubMed Central, Emerging Sources Citation Index (Web-of-Science) and Embase.

For the areas medical I, II and III, our classification in Qualis is B3. To search other areas, please access Plataforma Sucupira.