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Articles should be submitted to the journal einstein (São Paulo) at 

All authors must have an ORCID ID at

Instructions for electronic submission

Step 1

Prepare the article in Word format (.doc) with no identification of authors; they should be informed in
the field <Co-authors> in the system.

The file must contain only:

  • text;
  • references;
  • tables.

Figures (images, graphs, photographs and illustrations) should be uploaded in the submission system.

Step 2

Prepare the cover letter, which should contain:

  • full title of the article in Portuguese and English;
  • full name of authors and affiliation;
  • name of the department and organization that the work should be attributed;
  • full name, address, telephone number and E-mail of the corresponding author;
  • funding sources (if any);
  • reason why the work is relevant for publication.
Step 3

Provide the disclosure statement (model available at the electronic submission system) that should be signed by all authors.

Step 4

Provide the letter of approval by the Research Ethics Committee. Studies conducted in Brazil must inform the number of the CAAE (Certificate of Presentation for Ethical Consideration).

Step 5


  • file (.doc), containing only the main text, references and tables, remove any identifying information, including author names and organization identification, even in the Method section;
  • figures;
  • cover letter;
  • disclosure form;
  • letter of approval by the Research Ethics Committee.
Step 6

Select in the submission system:

  • Statement on antiplagiarism policies and good practices in research involving animals or humans, according to the type of article;
  • Transfer of copyright and permission for publication;
Step 7

Check your submission and click on <Salvar e preparar para envio> (Save and prepare for submission). At this point, the author will be directed to the menu <Meus artigos> (My articles) and he/she should click on the option <Aprovar/Enviar> (Approve/Send) and complete the article submission.