einstein (São Paulo) uses an online submission system for management of editorial process. The system allows management of submissions, double blind peer review, technical review, language editing, translation, typesetting and formatting.

Articles are first received by our journal editorial office that is responsible for checklist, check quality of images, tables and graphs, and authors’ ORCID IDs.  If any document does not comply with our journal instructions for authors, the corresponding author will be notified via E-mail to provide the document by a given deadline.

Both the editor-in-chief and scientific editor assess articles. After this initial approval, articles are evaluated by associated editors, experts in the topic or related areas discussed in the article, on the basis of their importance, originality, clarity and relevance to the field. Associate editors accept or reject articles at this point. Accepted articles are forward for review by at least two referees.  No more than 5 reviewers can be indicated in the online submission system.

After peer review, the editor-in-chief return the manuscript for authors to make corrections suggested by referees. When the revised version of the article is received, this is forward to referees to check if requested changes were made.

Based on recommendations of reviewers the editor-in-chief forwards the article to the technical editor. The technical editor accepts, requests revision, or rejects the article based on technical requirements at this point. The corresponding author is notified by E-mail of this final decision.

After this process, accepted articles are copyedited, translated by professional translators, and forwarded for typesetting and formatting.


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