einstein (São Paulo). 28/Aug/2018;16(3):eAO4236.

Fracture risk assessment in home care patients using the FRAX® tool

Vitor Moraes Rocha ORCID logo , Heloisa Amaral Gaspar ORCID logo , Claudio Flauzino de Oliveira ORCID logo

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082018AO4236



To assess the ten-year risk of hip and osteoporotic fracture in home care patients using the FRAX® tool.


A retrospective, cross-sectional observational study including patients aged ≥ 40 and ≤ 90 years and receiving home care from a private provider. The risk of fracture was calculated using an online calculator. High risk was defined as risk of hip fracture greater than 3% or risk of osteoporotic fracture greater than 20%. Data were expressed as absolute number (n), relative frequency (%), mean, standard deviation (±) and probability value (p).


Eighty-three (37.7%) out of 222 patients were at high risk of fracture. Of these, 81 (36.7%) were at high risk of hip fracture, as follows: 18 patients aged 70-80 years (17 female) and 63 patients aged 80-90 years (51 female). High risk of osteoporotic fracture was limited to two female patients (0.1%) aged over 80 years.


FRAX® analysis revealed similar fracture risks in the sample and the older adult population overall. Prospective investigation of fracture rates in home care patients, identification of true risk factors and construction of a home care patient-specific clinical score are warranted.

Fracture risk assessment in home care patients using the FRAX® tool