einstein (São Paulo). 01/Dec/2014;12(4):413-9.

Effect of maternal diabetes on female offspring

Juliana de Oliveira Martins, Maurício Isaac Panício, Marcos Paulo Suehiro Dantas, Guiomar Nascimento Gomes

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082014AO3200

To evaluate the effect of maternal diabetes on the blood pressure and kidney function of female offspring, as well as if such changes exacerbate during pregnancy.MethodsDiabetes mellitus was induced in female rats with the administration of streptozotocin in a single dose, one week before mating. During pregnancy, blood pressure was measured through plethysmography. On the 20th day of pregnancy, the animals were placed for 24 hours in metabolic cages to obtain urine samples. After the animals were removed from the cages, blood samples were withdrawn. One month after pregnancy, new blood and urine sample were collected. Kidney function was evaluated through proteinuria, plasma urea, plasma creatinine, creatinine excretion rate, urinary flow, and creatinine clearance.
The female offspring from diabetic mothers showed an increase in blood pressure, and a decrease in glomerular filtration rate in relation to the control group.Conclusion Hyperglycemia during pregnancy was capable of causing an increase in blood pressure and kidney dysfunction in the female offspring.

Effect of maternal diabetes on female offspring