einstein (São Paulo). 04/Jul/2018;16(2):eAO4204.

Levels of knowledge about asthma of parents of asthmatic children

Cristian Roncada, Thiago de Araujo Cardoso, Bianca Martininghi Bugança, Luísa Carolina Bischoff, Karina Soldera, Paulo Márcio Pitrez

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082018AO4204



To evaluate the levels of knowledge about asthma of parents of school children.


A cross-sectional study was carried out with parents of children with medical diagnosis of asthma (mild, moderate and severe), followed up at an outpatient referral center for childhood asthma in the Southern region of Brazil (Asthma Group). Parents of children with asthma in remission and healthy children were also selected (Control Group). The Newcastle Asthma Knowledge Questionnaire (NAKQ) questionnaire was applied in both groups.


A total of 154 parents of children participated in the study; in that, 62 (40.26%) in the Asthma Group, and 92 (59.74%) in the Control Group, with a mean age of 35.60±10.03 years. Of these, 132 (85.7%) were female, and 72 (46.8%) parents studied up to high school. The average score of level of knowledge was 18.06±4.11 points. Only 30.5% parents had acceptable levels of knowledge about asthma, which were more prevalent in the Asthma Group than in the Control Group (41.9% versus 22.8%, p=0.01). The mean score in Newcastle Asthma Knowledge Questionnaire (NAKQ) was higher in the Asthma Group (19.32±3.92 versus 17.21±4.03, p=0.001), respectively. The parents with mild and moderate asthmatic children scored more than those of severe asthma (19.5 and 19.9 versus 18.2 points, p=0.02).


Most parents had an unsatisfactory level of knowledge about asthma, which reinforces the need for changes in public asthma management programs.

Levels of knowledge about asthma of parents of asthmatic children