einstein (São Paulo). 28/Mar/2019;17(2):eAO4533.

Experimental study for evaluation of a low-cost spray cryotherapy system

Altair da Silva Costa Jr ORCID logo , Andre Miotto ORCID logo , Gustavo Andrade de Paulo ORCID logo , Angelo Paulo Ferrari ORCID logo , Luiz Hirotoshi Ota ORCID logo

DOI: 10.31744/einstein_journal/2019AO4533



To evaluate the feasibility and applicability of a low-cost cryotherapy system.


Experimental study with 25kg Landrace pigs submitted to a longitudinal cervico-thoraco-abdominal incision for exposure of the trachea, thorax and abdomen. The tissues were frozen by continuous spray application at different periods of time (5, 10 and 15 seconds). Spray cryotherapy was performed using a fluorinated gas (tetrafluorethane) delivered at – 47°C temperature (DermaFreeze®, Emdutos; ANVISA registration 80409950001; price R$ 394,00). via an adapted, disposable 1.8mm cholangiography catheter (Olympus; price R$ 280,00). The specimens were resected for histopathological analysis.


Thirty samples were obtained from ten different organs and divided according to spray cryotherapy application time. System activation for 5, 10 or 15 seconds led to consumption of 14g, 27g and 40g of gas respectively (average gas consumption, 2.7g/s using a 1.8mm catheter). The system comprising a spray tube and catheter proved user-friendly and effective, with constant gas dispersion and adequate tissue freezing. In spite of effective freezing, microscopy failed to reveal tissue changes. This may have reflected methodological constraints precluding evaluation at tissue damage peak time (48 hours).


The low-cost spray cryotherapy system proved feasible and safe.

Experimental study for evaluation of a low-cost spray cryotherapy system