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Off-label use of rhBMP-2 as bone regeneration strategies in mandibular ameloblastoma unicystic

Henrique Celestino Lima e Silva, Adonai Peixoto Cheim Junior, Roberto Moreno, Sérgio Luis de Miranda

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082017RC3777

ABSTRACT Jawbone reconstruction after tumor resection is one of the most challenging clinical tasks for maxillofacial surgeons. Osteogenic, osteoinductive, osteoconductive and non-antigenic properties of autogenous bone place this bone as the gold standard for solving problems of bone availability. However, the need for a second surgical site to harvest the bone graft increases significantly both the cost and the morbidity associated with the reconstructive procedures. Bone grafting gained an important tool with the discovery of bone morphogenetic proteins in 1960. […]

Isolation of human umbilical cord blood-derived osteoprogenitor cells: a promising candidate for cell-based therapy for bone repair

Igor Iuco Castro-Silva, Letícia de Oliveira Castro, Janaína José dos Santos Machado, Maria Helena Alves Nicola, José Mauro Granjeiro

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082011ao2196

ABSTRACTObjective:The aim of this study was to evaluate the osteogenic potential of human umbilical cord blood-derived osteoprogenitor cells and to prove its applicability as a promising candidate for cell-based therapeutics for bone repair.Methods:Primary cultures of human umbilical blood cord adherent cells were expanded in vitro until passage 2 and seeded for osteodifferentiation study. Morphological (light microscopy), cytochemical (Von Kossa’s method), and functional analyses (calcium level, alkaline phosphatase activity, and total protein content in cell culture) were carried out 7, 14, […]