einstein (São Paulo). 01/Jul/2017;15(3):11-2.


Jacyr Pasternak

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082017ED4239

We all are amazed by the extent of corruption in our political system. We believe corruption is frequent or even the norm, such as to receive money from private construction companies that build for the government, exchanging favors and money for politicians. As an excuse, some entrepreneurs declared that without these favors they would never get the contracts… The corrupted politicians said that without the money given by these companies, they would be unable to pay for their election campaigns, which are increasingly more expensive. If they run to win, candidates have to pay the advertisement team and the work of these guys is not cheap at all. They will give politicians a discount if paid with slush money, or, even better, if the sum is deposited abroad.

Unfortunately, the medical practice faces similar problems. Everyone working in this field has known for many years that prostheses are chosen based on the financial support given by the manufacturers to physicians who prescribe them. Other lesser known sins, although much more frequent, are physicians paid to write fake reports for individuals not going to work, prescriptions of drugs that are not always the cheapest or best for the patient, speakers who do not disclose intimate relationships with the products they recommend during their lectures, surgeries that are not the best options for patients. This list is quite long…