einstein (São Paulo). 01/Dec/2015;13(4):644-6.

Bedside echocardiography in critically ill patients

Eduardo Casaroto, Tatiana Mohovic, Lilian Moreira Pinto, Tais Rodrigues de Lara

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082015MD3271

The echocardiography has become a vital tool in the diagnosis of critically ill patients. The use of echocardiography by intensivists has been increasing since the 1990’s. This tool has become a common procedure for the cardiovascular assessment of critically ill patients, especially because it is non-invasive and can be applied in fast and guided manner at the bedside. Physicians with basic training in echocardiography, both from intensive care unit or emergency department, can assess the left ventricle function properly with good accuracy compared with assessment made by cardiologists. The change of treatment approach based on echocardiographic findings is commonly seen after examination of unstable patient. This brief review focuses on growing importance of echocardiography as an useful tool for management of critically ill patients in the intensive care setting along with the cardiac output assessment using this resource.

Bedside echocardiography in critically ill patients