einstein (São Paulo). 01/Mar/2013;11(1):102-7.

Spine surgery cost reduction at a specialized treatment center

Dan Carai Maia Viola, Mario Lenza, Suze Luize Ferraz de Almeida, Oscar Fernando Pavão dos Santos, Miguel Cendoroglo Neto, Claudio Luiz Lottenberg, Mario Ferretti

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082013000100018

To compare the estimated cost of treatment of spinal disorders to those of this treatment in a specialized center.
An evaluation of average treatment costs of 399 patients referred by a Health Insurance Company for evaluation and treatment at the Spine Treatment Reference Center of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. All patients presented with an indication for surgical treatment before being referred for assessment. Of the total number of patients referred, only 54 underwent surgical treatment and 112 received a conservative treatment with motor physical therapy and acupuncture. The costs of both treatments were calculated based on a previously agreed table of values for reimbursement for each phase of treatment.
Patients treated non-surgically had an average treatment cost of US$ 1,650.00, while patients treated surgically had an average cost of US$ 18,520.00. The total estimated cost of the cohort of patients treated was US$ 1,184,810.00, which represents a 158.5% decrease relative to the total cost projected for these same patients if the initial type of treatment indicated were performed.
Treatment carried out within a center specialized in treating spine pathologies has global costs lower than those regularly observed.

Spine surgery cost reduction at a specialized treatment center