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Reference breast temperature: proposal of an equation

Gladis Aparecida Galindo Reisemberger de Souza, Marcos Leal Brioschi, José Viriato Coelho Vargas, Keli Cristiane Correia Morais, Carlos Dalmaso Neto, Eduardo Borba Neves

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082015AO3392

ABSTRACTObjective To develop an equation to estimate the breast reference temperature according to the variation of room and core body temperatures.Methods Four asymptomatic women were evaluated for three consecutive menstrual cycles. Using thermography, the temperature of breasts and eyes was measured as indirect reference of core body and room temperatures. To analyze the thermal behavior of the breasts during the cycle, the core body and room temperatures were normalized by means of a mathematical equation.Results We performed 180 observations and […]

Assessment of nursing perceptions of three insulin protocols for blood glucose control in critically ill patients

Thiago Domingos Corrêa, Francisca Pereira de Almeida, Alexandre Biasi Cavalcanti, Adriano José Pereira, Eliézer Silva

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082012000300016

Objective:To evaluate nurses’ perception regarding three different blood glucose control protocols for critically ill patients.METHODS:As part of a randomized trial comparing three blood glucose control protocols in critically ill patients (Computer-Assisted Insulin Protocol, Leuven Protocol, and conventional treatment), all nurses participating in the study were asked to fill in a questionnaire to assess their perceptions of efficacy, complexity, feasibility, and safety (as to the occurrence of hypoglycemic episodes), an to indicate which protocol they would like to see adopted as […]