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Hospitalization costs of severe bacterial pneumonia in children: comparative analysis considering different costing methods

Sheila Elke Araujo Nunes, Ruth Minamisava, Maria Aparecida da Silva Vieira, Alexander Itria, Vicente Porfirio Pessoa Junior, Ana Lúcia Sampaio Sgambatti de Andrade, [...]

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082017GS3855

ABSTRACT Objective To determine and compare hospitalization costs of bacterial community-acquired pneumonia cases via different costing methods under the Brazilian Public Unified Health System perspective. Methods Cost-of-illness study based on primary data collected from a sample of 59 children aged between 28 days and 35 months and hospitalized due to bacterial pneumonia. Direct medical and non-medical costs were considered and three costing methods employed: micro-costing based on medical record review, micro-costing based on therapeutic guidelines and gross-costing based on the […]

Transfusion monitoring: care practice analysis in a public teaching hospital

Valesca Nunes dos Reis, Isabella Bertolin Paixão, Ana Carolina Amaral de São José Perrone, Maria Inês Monteiro, Kelli Borges dos Santos

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082016AO3555

ABSTRACTObjectiveTo analyze the process of recording transfusion monitoring at a public teaching hospital.Methods A descriptive and retrospective study with a quantitative approach, analyzing the instruments to record transfusion monitoring at a public hospital in a city in the State of Minas Gerais (MG). Data were collected on the correct completion of the instrument, time elapsed from transfusions, records of vital signs, type of blood component more frequently transfused, and hospital unit where transfusion was performed.Results A total of 1,012 records […]

Analysis of possible food/nutrient and drug interactions in hospitalized patients

Everton Moraes Lopes, Rumão Batista Nunes de Carvalho, Rivelilson Mendes de Freitas

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082010ao1672

ABSTRACTObjective:To evaluate the prescription in relation to the possible interactions between drugs and foods/nutrients in the diets of patients in the Hospital Regional Justino Luz in the municipality of Picos, Piauí, Brazil.Methods:The sample consisted of 60 medical records of patients admitted at the hospital. The records were analyzed according to the presence or absence of interactions between drugs and foods/nutrients of the prescribed diets.Results:Of the 82 drugs prescribed in all periods, there were 16 drugs (19.5%) with possible interaction with […]