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Clinical metagenomic sequencing for diagnosis of meningitis and encephalitis

Methagenomic next generation sequencing of cerebrospinal fluid proved to be able to diagnose the etiology of meningitis and encephalitis in 204 hospitalized patients with these problems. The methodology could diagnose 58 infections in 57 patients. Among those 58 infections metagenomic sequencing, researchers were able to diagnose 13 that were not diagnosed by usual clinical testing. Among the remaining, 45 infections metagenomic sequencing had the same results of other laboratory tests in 19 cases. Of the 26 infections not diagnosed by metagenomic […]

Differences between medical and surgical teams on antibiotic use

Decision making in antibiotic use is conditioned by cultural and social determinants. A paper evaluated acute medical and acute surgical teams at a London teaching hospital using ethnographic techniques (i.e., a qualitative study approach). The conclusions of the study were that in surgery, the antibiotic treatment is perceived as nonsurgical intervention and delegated to junior team members, because senior surgeons are notably absent from wards – they prefer to be in the operating room. This fact leads to defensive antibiotic […]