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Do physicians really know how to treat anaphylaxis?

“[…] Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening generalized or systemic hypersensitivity reaction that requires rapid and adequate care.” “Less than 30% of Brazilian physicians do the correct initial approach.” Maria Luiza Kraft Köhler Ribeiro, Herberto José Chong Neto, Nelson Augusto Rosario Filho. Diagnosis and treatment of anaphylaxis: there is an urgent needs to implement the use of guidelines. einstein (São Paulo). 2017;15(4):500-6.

Is Zyka virus no longer a problem?

“[…] this expressive reduction in the levels of concern about Zika virus infection in our setting can be premature, if not mistaken.” “[…] Many regions in Brazil remain signposted as high risk areas for Zika Occurrence,(31) including the state of São Paulo, where available surveillance data show that disease incidence was lower compared with the Northeast region of the country,(26) and a large proportion of the population remains susceptible to the infection.” “The arboviral transmission season in Brazil is just […]