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Hard to treat multi-resistant gram negative bacteremia

First line antibiotics for gram negative bacteremia were defined as simultaneous to all carbapenems, all other beta lactams and all fluoroquinolones. In a sample including 173 American hospitals and 45,011 patients with gram negative bacteremia, a total of 471 (1%) had what the authors called difficult-to-treat resistance in gram negative bacteremia; 79 % of those patients received parentheral aminoglicosides, polymixin B or tigeciline. Mortality among them was 43.3 % higher than in simple carbapenem resistance. This difficult- to-treat gram negative bacteremia […]

The future of Medicine in the time of artificial intelligence

A report published in The Lancet, Chilamkurthy et al report impressive results using deep learning to interpret critical findings on head CT scans. The sensitivity of the algorithms using artificial intelligence was compared to radiologists’ interpretation; specificity was a little – not much – less precise. It could be – and in the future will be – cheaper, faster and almost equivalent. There are not – yet – clinical trials in real life comparing artificial intelligence with human interpretation. But […]