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Antibiotic management of urinary tract infections in elderly patients ( 65 years and more) in primary care and its association with bloodstream infections and all cause mortaliy: population based cohort study

This is a big data study including 157,264 patients with 312,896 urinary tract infections episodes. Of these patients, 7.2 % did not have antibiotics being prescribed and 6.2 % a delay in antibiotic prescribing. 1,539 bloodstream infections deriving from UTI were registered (0.5 %) within 60 days after urinary track infection diagnosis. The rate of bloodstream infections were more common among patients who did not have prescription of antibiotics (2.9 %, 647) and patients with delayed prescription (2.2 %). Hospital […]

A therapeutic strategy for all pneumonia patients: a 3-year prospective multicenter cohort study using risk factors for multiresistant pathogens to select initial empiric therapy

Pneumonia empiric therapy is currently based on the site of acquisition (community or hospital), but could be chosen, based on risk factors for multiresistant (MDR) pathogens. The authors applied an algorithm to 1,089 patients using MDR risks (antibiotic use on the last 180 days before pneumonia diagnosis, poor functional state, hospitalized patient for more than 2 days within the last 90 days before pneumonia diagnosis, pneumonia occurring for 5 or more days after admission to acute care hospital, hemodialysis and […]