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Detection of cancer: biomarkers in the blood

A group of researchers from John Hopkins and other scientists from an international collaboration applied a cancer diagnostic test to 1,005 patients with non-metastatic cancer and compared them with 812 healthy controls. The authors designed a 61-amplicon panel of 16 gens to seek for cancer-associated mutation of circulating cell-free DNA from plasma and evaluating 8 already known proteins, which present altered levels in individuals with cancer. Results using this algorithm to detect some cancer types were remarkable: almost 100% for colorectal […]

Impact of late radiation effects on cancer survivor children

“[…]Children survivors of cancer treatment were exposed to several late effects on adulthood, such as hypothyroidism, GH deficiency, obesity, diabetes mellitus, infertility, hearing loss, different organ dysfunctions, such as lung, heart, kidney and bladder, in addition to development of a second neoplasm. Thus, we emphasize the importance of early and regular follow-up of patients exposed to radiation during childhood, even at low doses, in order to enable diagnosis and treatment of these side effects, leading to better quality of life.” […]

Is smoking harmful to the adolescent heart?

“[…] To assess the association between cigarette smoking and ventricular arrhythmias in adolescents. Novel electrocardiographic parameters –Tp-e interval, as well as Tpe/QT and Tpe/QTc ratios – were used to make this assessment.” “[…] The study population consisted of 87 subjects aged between 16-19 years. Fifty-one adolescent smokers with no risk of arrhythmia comprised the Smoker Group, and 36 adolescents who had never smoked cigarettes comprised the Control Group.” “[…] Tp-e interval (98.4±12.7ms and 78.3±6.9 ms; p<0.001), Tpe/QT (0.28±0.04 and 22±0.03; […]