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Is there a way to have a better visualization during robotic procedures?

“[…]The intraoperative identification of certain anatomical structures because they are small or visually occult may be challenging. The development of minimally invasive surgery brought additional difficulties to identify these structures due to the lack of complete tactile sensitivity. A number of different forms of intraoperative mapping have been tried. Recently, the near-infrared fluorescence imaging technology with indocyanine green has been added to robotic platforms. In addition, this technology has been tested in several types of operations, and has advantages such […]

Recent biotechnological advances on gene therapy: a review

“[…] The ability to make site-specific modifications to the human genome has been an objective in medicine since the recognition of the gene as the basic unit of heredity. Thus, gene therapy is understood as the ability of genetic improvement through the correction of altered (mutated) genes or site-specific modifications that target therapeutic treatment. This therapy became possible through the advances of genetics and bioengineering that enabled manipulating vectors for delivery of extrachromosomal material to target cells. One of the […]

New way of knowing when a baby will be born

Noninvasive blood tests and ultrasound can give information about fetal development and gestational age, but they could not predict spontaneous preterm birth or delivery date. A study by Ngo et al., including 31 healthy pregnant women showed that the cell-free RNA transcripts in fetal liver and from placenta could evaluate the fetal development and identify possible delivery date better than calculations based on the patients’ last menstrual period. The small sample of the study did not allow extrapolation, therefore, further studies […]