Is there a way to have a better visualization during robotic procedures?

“[…]The intraoperative identification of certain anatomical structures because they are small or visually occult may be challenging. The development of minimally invasive surgery brought additional difficulties to identify these structures due to the lack of complete tactile sensitivity. A number of different forms of intraoperative […]

Recent biotechnological advances on gene therapy: a review

“[…] The ability to make site-specific modifications to the human genome has been an objective in medicine since the recognition of the gene as the basic unit of heredity. Thus, gene therapy is understood as the ability of genetic improvement through the correction of altered […]

New way of knowing when a baby will be born

Noninvasive blood tests and ultrasound can give information about fetal development and gestational age, but they could not predict spontaneous preterm birth or delivery date. A study by Ngo et al., including 31 healthy pregnant women showed that the cell-free RNA transcripts in fetal liver and […]

New way of preventing malaria

Ivermectin is capable of killing insects in small concentrations, attainable in blood after oral ingestion. In Australia the use of ivermectin in bovidae as vermifugue led to ecological problems due to massive death of beetles that fed on cattle feces. The paper showed clearly that […]

Is physical activity related to arterial hypertension in adolescents?

“[…] This is a cross-sectional study with 6039 high school  (14 to 19 years) were physical activity data were collected using a questionnaire. “Physically inactive” were considered those who reported not to walk or ride a bicycle to and from school on any day of […]

Detection of cancer: biomarkers in the blood

A group of researchers from John Hopkins and other scientists from an international collaboration applied a cancer diagnostic test to 1,005 patients with non-metastatic cancer and compared them with 812 healthy controls. The authors designed a 61-amplicon panel of 16 gens to seek for cancer-associated mutation […]

Impact of late radiation effects on cancer survivor children

“[…]Children survivors of cancer treatment were exposed to several late effects on adulthood, such as hypothyroidism, GH deficiency, obesity, diabetes mellitus, infertility, hearing loss, different organ dysfunctions, such as lung, heart, kidney and bladder, in addition to development of a second neoplasm. Thus, we emphasize […]

Is smoking harmful to the adolescent heart?

“[…] To assess the association between cigarette smoking and ventricular arrhythmias in adolescents. Novel electrocardiographic parameters –Tp-e interval, as well as Tpe/QT and Tpe/QTc ratios – were used to make this assessment.” “[…] The study population consisted of 87 subjects aged between 16-19 years. Fifty-one […]

Do physicians really know how to treat anaphylaxis?

“[…] Anaphylaxis is a severe, life-threatening generalized or systemic hypersensitivity reaction that requires rapid and adequate care.” “Less than 30% of Brazilian physicians do the correct initial approach.” Maria Luiza Kraft Köhler Ribeiro, Herberto José Chong Neto, Nelson Augusto Rosario Filho. Diagnosis and treatment of […]

Is Zyka virus no longer a problem?

“[…] this expressive reduction in the levels of concern about Zika virus infection in our setting can be premature, if not mistaken.” “[…] Many regions in Brazil remain signposted as high risk areas for Zika Occurrence,(31) including the state of São Paulo, where available surveillance […]

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