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Bone mineral density and body composition in adolescents with failure to thrive

Thiago Sacchetto de Andrade, Luiz Anderson Lopes, Marcelo de Medeiros Pinheiro, Vera Lucia Szejnfeld, José Augusto de Aguiar Carrazedo Taddei

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082010ao1361

ABSTRACTObjectiveTo evaluate bone mineral mass in adolescents with failure to thrive in relation to body composition.MethodsA case control study involving 126 adolescents (15 to 19 years), in final puberty maturation being 76 eutrophic and 50 with failure to thrive (genetic or constitutional delay of growth), of matching ages, gender and pubertal maturation. The weight, height and calculated Z score for height/age and body mass index; bone mineral content, bone mineral density and adjusted bone mineral density were established for total […]