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Nanostructured SBA-15 silica as an adjuvant in immunizations with hepatitis B vaccine

Karina Scaramuzzi, Denise Cristina André Oliveira, Luciana Vieira Carvalho, Denise Vilarinho Tambourgi, Elisabeth Christina Nunes Tenório, Marisa Rizzi, [...]

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082011ao2162

ABSTRACTObjective:To evaluate the applicability of SBA-15 silica as an adjuvant in immunizations with purified particles of the viral protein HBsAg, the main component of hepatitis B vaccine, Butang®, produced by Instituto Butantan.Methods:BALB/c mice orally or subcutaneously received 0.5 μg of HBsAg adsorbed/encapsulated to SBA-15 or adsorbed to Al(OH)3. To assess the secondary immune response, a subcutaneous booster was administered 30 days after the first immunization. Individual serum and fecal samples of each group were periodically collected for specific antibody titration […]

Autoimmune uveitis: study of treatment therapies

Alessandra Gonçalves Commodaro, Luciana de Deus Vieira de Moraes, Denise Vilarinho Tambourgi, Rubens Belfort Jr., Osvaldo Augusto Sant’Anna, Luiz Vicente Rizzo

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082010rb1416

ABSTRACTExperimental autoimmune uveitis is an organ-specific T-cell mediated autoimmune disease characterized by inflammation and consequent destruction of the neural retina and adjacent tissues. Inflammation in experimental autoimmune uveitis may be induced in rodents by immunization with retinal antigens, such as interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein. We present a review of experimental studies that correlate primary immunobiological functions with this chronic disease and the possible use of molecules for the treatment of autoimmune uveitis.