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Bronchial hygiene techniques in patients on mechanical ventilation: what are used and why?

Isabela Naiara Evangelista Matilde, Raquel Afonso Caserta Eid, Andréia Ferreira Nunes, Alexandre Ricardo Pepe Ambrozin, Renata Henn Moura, Denise Carnieli-Cazati, [...]

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082018AO3856

ABSTRACT Objective To analyze and describe the maneuvers most commonly used in clinical practice by physical therapists and the reasons for choosing them. Methods A prospective multicenter study using a questionnaire. The sample consisted of physical therapists from five hospitals (three private hospitals, a teaching hospital and a public hospital). Results A total of 185 questionnaires were filled in. Most professionals had graduated 6 to 10 years before and over had over 10 years of intensive care unit experience. The […]

Impact of respiratory therapy in vital capacity and functionality of patients undergoing abdominal surgery

Shanlley Cristina da Silva Fernandes, Rafaella Souza dos Santos, Erica Albanez Giovanetti, Corinne Taniguchi, Cilene Saghabi de Medeiros Silva, Raquel Afonso Caserta Eid, [...]

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082016AO3398

ABSTRACTObjectiveTo evaluate the vital capacity after two chest therapy techniques in patients undergoing abdominal surgical.Methods A prospective randomized study carried out with patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit after abdominal surgery. We checked vital capacity, muscular strength using the Medical Research Council scale, and functionality with the Functional Independence Measure the first time the patient was breathing spontaneously (D1), and also upon discharge from the Intensive Care Unit (Ddis). Between D1 and Ddis, respiratory therapy was carried out according […]