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Chronic treatment with hydroalcoholic extract of Plathymenia reticulata promotes islet hyperplasia and improves glycemic control in diabetic rats

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DOI: 10.31744/einstein_journal/2019AO4635

ABSTRACT Objective: To investigate the anti-hyperglycemic effects of Plathymenia reticulata hydroalcoholic extract and related changes in body weight, lipid profile and the pancreas. Methods: Diabetes was induced in 75 adult male Wistar rats via oral gavage of 65mg/Kg of streptozotocin. Rats were allocated to one of 8 groups, as follows: diabetic and control rats treated with water, diabetic and control rats treated with 100mg/kg or 200mg/kg of plant extract, and diabetic and control rats treated with glyburide. Treatment consisted of […]