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Clinical characteristics and long-term progression of young patients with acute coronary syndrome in Brazil

Alexandre de Matos Soeiro, Felipe Lourenço Fernandes, Maria Carolina Feres de Almeida Soeiro, Carlos Vicente Serrano Jr, Múcio Tavares de Oliveira Jr

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082015AO3381

ObjectiveIn Brazil, there are few descriptions in the literature on the angiographic pattern and clinical characteristics of young patients with acute coronary syndrome, despite the evident number of cases in the population. The objective of this study was to evaluate which clinical characteristics are most closely related to the acute coronary syndrome in young patients, and what long-term outcomes are in this population.MethodsThis is a prospective observational study with 268 patients aged under 55 years with acute coronary syndrome, carried […]

Vascular calcification: pathophysiology and clinical implications

Marcel Liberman, Antonio Eduardo Pereira Pesaro, Luciana Simão Carmo, Carlos Vicente Serrano Jr

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082013000300021

Vascular calcification in coronary artery disease is gaining importance, both in scientific research and in clinical and imaging applications. The calcified plaque is considered the most relevant form of atherosclerosis within the coronary artery tree and is frequently a challenge for percutaneous intervention. Recent studies showed that plaque calcification is dynamic and is strictly related to the degree of vascular inflammation. Several inflammatory factors produced during the different phases of atherosclerosis induce the expression and activation of osteoblastic cells located […]