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Use of cuff tear arthroplasty head prosthesis for rotator cuff arthropathy treatment in elderly patients with comorbidities

Cassiano Diniz Carvalho, Carlos Vicente Andreoli, Alberto de Castro Pochini, Benno Ejnisman

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082016ao3372

ABSTRACTObjectiveTo evaluate the clinical and functional behavior of patients undergoing cuff tear arthroplasty at different stages of the disease.Methods Cuff tear arthroplasty hemiarthroplasties were performed in 34 patients with rotator cuff arthropathy and associated comorbidities, classified according to Seebauer. The mean age was 76.3 years, and the sample comprised 23 females (67.6%) and 11 males (32.4%). The mean follow-up period was 21.7 months, and evaluations were performed using the Visual Analog Scale for pain and the Constant scale.Results There were […]

Analysis of cytokine profile and growth factors in platelet-rich plasma obtained by open systems and commercial columns

Alberto de Castro Pochini, Eliane Antonioli, Daniella Zanetti Bucci, Luiz Roberto Sardinha, Carlos Vicente Andreoli, Mario Ferretti, [...]

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082016AO3548

ABSTRACTObjective:To evaluate growth factors and cytokines in samples of platelet-rich plasma obtained by three different centrifugation methods.Methods:Peripheral blood of six individuals with no hematological diseases, aged 18 to 68 years, was drawn to obtain platelet-rich plasma, using the open method and commercial columns by Medtronic and Biomet. The products obtained with the different types of centrifugation were submitted to laboratory analysis, including pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines by flow cytometry assays, the concentration of fibroblast growth factors-2 (FGF-2) and transforming growth […]

Analisys of pectoralis major tendon in weightlifting athletes using ultrasonography and elastography

Alberto de Castro Pochini, Mario Ferretti, Eduardo Felipe Kin Ito Kawakami, Artur da Rocha Corrêa Fernandes, Andre Fukunishi Yamada, Gabriela Clemente de Oliveira, [...]

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082015AO3335

ABSTRACTObjective To evaluate tendinopathy of the pectoralis major muscle in weightlifting athletes using ultrasound and elastography.Methods This study included 20 patients, 10 with rupture of the pectoralis major muscle and 10 control patients. We evaluated pectoralis major muscle contralateral tendon with ultrasonographic and elastography examinations. The ultrasonographic examinations were performed using a high-resolution B mode ultrasound device. The elastography evaluation was classified into three patterns: (A), if stiff (more than 50% area with blue staining); (B), if intermediate (more than […]