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Relation between functional mobility and dynapenia in institutionalized frail elderly

Antonio Vinicius Soares, Elessandra Marcelino, Késsia Cristina Maia, Noé Gomes Borges Junior

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082017AO3932

ABSTRACT Objective To investigate the relation between functional mobility and dynapenia in institutionalized frail elderly. Methods A descriptive, correlational study involving 26 institutionalized elderly men and women, mean age 82.3±6 years. The instruments employed were the Mini Mental State Examination, the Geriatric Depression Scale, the International Physical Activity Questionnaire, the Timed Up and Go test, a handgrip dynamometer and a portable dynamometer for large muscle groups (shoulder, elbow and hip flexors, knee extensors and ankle dorsiflexors). Results Significant negative correlation […]

Postural control in blind subjects

Antonio Vinicius Soares, Cláudia Silva Remor de Oliveira, Rodrigo José Knabben, Susana Cristina Domenech, Noe Gomes Borges Junior

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082011ao2046

ABSTRACTObjective:To analyze postural control in acquired and congenitally blind adults.Methods:A total of 40 visually impaired adults participated in the research, divided into 2 groups, 20 with acquired blindness and 20 with congenital blindness − 21 males and 19 females, mean age 35.8 ± 10.8. The Brazilian version of Berg Balance Scale and the motor domain of functional independence measure were utilized.Results:On Berg Balance Scale the mean for acquired blindness was 54.0 ± 2.4 and 54.4 ± 2.5 for congenitally blind […]