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Blood pressure documentation in the emergency department

Ana Carolina Queiroz Godoy Daniel, Juliana Pereira Machado, Eugenia Velludo Veiga

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082017AO3737

ABSTRACT Objective To analyze the frequency of blood pressure documentation performed by nursing professionals in an emergency department. Methods This is a cross-sectional, observational, descriptive, and analytical study, which included medical records of adult patients admitted to the observation ward of an emergency department, between March and May 2014. Data were obtained through a collection instrument divided into three parts: patient identification, triage data, and blood pressure documentation. For statistical analysis, Pearson’s correlation coefficient was used, with a significance level […]

Theoretical and practical knowledge of Nursing professionals on indirect blood pressure measurement at a coronary care unit

Juliana Pereira Machado, Eugenia Velludo Veiga, Paulo Alexandre Camargo Ferreira, José Carlos Amado Martins, Ana Carolina Queiroz Godoy Daniel, Amanda dos Santos Oliveira, [...]

DOI: 10.1590/s1679-45082014ao2984

Objective To determine and to analyze the theoretical and practical knowledge of Nursing professionals on indirect blood pressure measurement.Methods This cross-sectional study included 31 professionals of a coronary care unit (86% of the Nursing staff in the unit). Of these, 38.7% of professionals were nurses and 61.3% nurse technicians. A validated questionnaire was used to theoretical evaluation and for practice assessment the auscultatory technique was applied in a simulation environment, under a non-participant observation.Results To the theoretical knowledge of the […]

Factors that interfere the medication compliance in hypertensive patients

Ana Carolina Queiroz Godoy Daniel, Eugenia Velludo Veiga

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082013000300012

Objective:To characterize the factors that interfere in drug treatment compliance in a group of individuals with arterial hypertension.METHODS:A non-experimental descriptive study that analyzed a sample of 80 patients diagnosed with arterial hypertension, who underwent medical treatment and were admitted to a university hospital during the period from March to May 2009. To collect data, the Instrument for Evaluation of Attitudes Regarding Taking Medication was applied.RESULTS:In the studied population, 45.1% had sufficient degree of compliance to drug therapy. Individuals with controlled […]