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Treatment of Bartholin gland cyst with CO2laser

Neila Maria de Góis Speck, Karol Pereira Ruela Boechat, Georgia Mouzinho Lima dos Santos, Julisa Chamorro Lascasas Ribalta

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082016AO3568

ABSTRACTObjectiveTo describe the results of treatment with CO2 laser for Bartholin gland cysts.Methods Thirty-one women with Bartholin gland cysts were treated with CO2laser at an outpatient´s setting. Skin incision was performed with focused laser beam, the capsule was opened to drain mucoid content, followed by internal vaporization of impaired capsule.Results There were no complications. Five patients had recurrence of the cyst and were submitted to a second and successful session.Conclusion CO2 laser surgery was effective to treat Bartholin gland cysts […]

Cervical cancer screening in young and elderly women of the Xingu Indigenous Park: evaluation of the recommended screening age group in Brazil

Neila Maria de Góis Speck, Juliana da Silva Pinheiro, Erica Ribeiro Pereira, Douglas Rodrigues, Gustavo Rubino de Azevedo Focchi, Julisa Chamorro Lascasas Ribalta

DOI: 10.1590/S1679-45082015AO3222

ObjectiveTo analyze the occurrence of atypia in the cytology/histology examinations of young women under the age of 25 years and of elderly women aged over 64 years, in the Xingu Indigenous Park and to evaluate, in a subjective manner, if the age range for screening established by the Ministry of Health and the Instituto Nacional de Câncer is appropriate for this population.MethodsThe Xingu/UNIFESP Project, in partnership with the Center for Gynecological Disease Prevention, develops programs to prevent cervical cancer. The […]